Are you a Delaware Valley company that:

•Knows a certain “Special Project” is absolutely critical to your growth but can’t get to it because you are too busy with your current customers?

•Is unable to afford to hire a new employee(s) to take on that task?

•Doesn’t have the In-house HR capabilities to conduct your Growth Investment?

Tri-State Special Projects is a Wilmington company that implements the ‘Special Projects’ that enable your firm or organization to grow and make more money.

Core Services:

Corporate Relocation Management

You state your specifications and make the strategic decisions. We do everything else, from finding the properties that meet your needs, to Due Diligence, negotiating directly with sellers, to handling the logistics of the actual move.

Results-Oriented Marketing

We design results-oriented business development plans based solely on connecting you to the actual customers most likely to frequent your business.

Event Planning

Whether it’s a company 25th anniversary party, your founder’s retirement, or the annual Holiday Party, state your preferred vibe and outcome. We manage the process from A to Z while you enjoy the moment.

Employee Relocation

Moving people in or out of town is a time consuming process. Any number of unforeseen possibilities can emerge. TSP will ensure that the process is as seamless as possible.

Due Diligence and Market Research

Thinking about selling your company? Moving to a different location? Hiring new people from a different sector?  Whatever research you need to conduct, our professional team can get you the critical market knowledge you need.

Sample Projects

A 50 employee Delaware company had grown to the point where it needed more space. TSP was hired by firm to provide A to Z move management. Deliverables include an extensive survey of available properties, conducting due diligence, negotiating with Sellers, and managing the building of several new buildings on the property.

A major US engineering firm needed to manage several high-level scientific conferences in Saudi Arabia. Although the client’s needs were constantly changing, every detail of the process was seamlessly managed. This covered everything from hotel and restaurant reservations for a group of VIPS to planning several site visits to isolated parts of the Arabian desert requiring extensive coordination with local police to obtain necessary permits.

A high-profile International court-case was being delayed by the defendant’s claim that every possible piece of evidence (over 1 million pages) needed to be translated into multiple languages. As this requirement vastly exceeded the Court’s In-house capabilities, close coordination with a Senior Client official led to special security clearances for company linguists.  A special administrative system was set up integrate this team with the Customer’s work flow. This played a major role in enabling the Case to proceed to trial.

5 More Reasons to Work With Tri-State Special Projects

1) Ultra-Responsive Customer Service

We understand the multiple competing demands on your time. Events rarely happen exactly as expected and your requirements can change by the hour. You tell us the desired ultimate final objective. We figure out how to handle all of the contingencies.

2) Proven Track Record of Generating Results

Whether it’s engineering firms in Delaware to billionaire Saudi developers or sensitive International arbitration, we have a proven track record of helping clients overcome complex problems with lots of moving parts to help them grow their business.

3) Tri-State Expertise

New to the area? Tri-State Special Projects has business roots in Delaware dating to the 1800s. We bring that competitive advantage to your assistance.

4) 100% confidentiality and Discretion

We take this extremely seriously. Business is a competitive field.  Any and all information from a customer is treated with the utmost confidentiality. We are also able to use one-time encrypted email accounts for your most sensitive documents, or adapt our team to your internal security policies.

5) Guaranteed Quality and 100% Customer Satisfaction

Tired of complacency?  There is no room for mediocrity in the highly competitive local-global 2017 playing field. Our team goes above and beyond to provide the highest level of attention to detail and proactive service that you deserve.

Want to discuss a project? Contact us anytime here